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The Pilots PodBlast

Where Screen Meets Opinion: Your Go-To Hub

for Niche TV and Movie Reviews

Where Screen Meets Opinion: Your Go-To Hub

for Niche TV and Movie Reviews

Welcome to The Pilots Podblast, your ultimate destination for a deep dive into the wonderfully niche world of TV and cinema! I'm your host, David, and I come to you with an unbridled passion for all things entertainment.

I've been around the block in the entertainment industry, cut my teeth in my younger years, and now I'm here to share my unabashed enthusiasm with all of you.

What can you expect from The Pilots Podblast? Well, it's a celebration of the obscure, the cult classics, and the hidden gems. I'm always on the lookout for the next big thing, and I'm just as thrilled to introduce you to something new as I am to revisit old favorites.

Speaking of favorites, I've got a special place in my heart for classics like Doctor Who, Star Trek, and those unforgettable ITC series. But don't let that fool you—I'm a fan of much more than that!

So buckle up, fellow enthusiasts, because on The Pilots Podblast, we're going on a journey through the nooks and crannies of the entertainment universe. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just looking for your next binge-worthy obsession, you've found your home right here. Let's explore the cinematic and television wonders together!

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Only a couple so far but heres the link to Dave’s reactions to trailer.

International Reacts

Coming soon to Youtube, each with a companion podcast, Dave reacts to the best and worst from around the world...

YouTube Shorts

Coming soon a collection of silly YouTube shorts, Tic Toks and general social media short form videos.




TV and Film fan

I grew up in humble circumstances but cherished a happy childhood filled with countless hours of watching television and film. Academic success eluded me, as I didn't perform well in my exams. However, my life took an exciting turn when I embarked on a journey across the UK and Europe, working at a traveling tool stand where I demonstrated power tool attachments to the public.

This transitioned into the world of acting, starting as an extra and gradually securing roles in various TV shows and movies. Despite my passion for acting, I found myself needing to pursue more conventional employment opportunities. Recently, I received a diagnosis of ADHD, which shed light on many aspects of my life.

Now, I'm the host and manager of a podcast, wearing multiple hats including editing, promotion, and website creation. I've also reconnected with an acting agent, opening doors for extra and acting gigs, and I'm now actively seeking voice acting opportunities from home.

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